Green Mountain Canine Camp was founded for the simple reason that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  Sara Arms is a born animal lover, driven by the desire to help other pet owners gain some peace of mind that their animals are loved, happy, and healthy.  Animals become loving members of our family from the second we let them in to our lives, and no pet owner feels good about leaving for work each morning knowing that their dog will be sitting around until their owner returns.

Dogs crave a leader, companionship, socialization, structure, physical activity, and love.  While we know our pets need these things, the reality of careers, family, and other obligations that come with day to day life often leave our furry friends to take a back seat.  75 percent of pet owners leave their dogs behind for the day while they head off to work.  GMCC offers a solution to breaking up your dog’s long day at home and can alleviate the stress and guilt felt by pet owners that have to work the typical 8-5 schedule.