Dog Camp (Dog Daycare)

Dog camp is approximately 2 hours long, and dogs are OFF LEASH for the entire duration.  Participating dogs must display excellent off leash recall skills and be friendly with other animals.  Dogs who attend camp benefit from structure and commands that are utilized along the off-leash hike, in addition to the physical exercise.  Dogs are exposed to a pack dynamic and are taught to follow behind the pack leader, in addition to being granted free play and exploring time on each hike.  This is a great way for your dog to come home tired both mentally and physically.

Off Leash Recall Training

If you’re interested in sending your dog to our camp, but feel they are not reliable off leash, ask us about our off leash recall training packages!  Giving your dog the gift of off-leash freedom is the nicest thing you can ever do for them!

Leash Walking Basics Training

Our leash walking basics training focuses on teaching owners to teach their dogs the skills needed to walk politely and calmly on a leash.  No more pulling, lunging, etc.

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